Investment Management

Uncommon wisdom is how some may view our investment management philosophy. We like to think of it as practical advice for the discerning investor who wants an approach to building and sustaining wealth that adapts to modern financial markets with a focus on the future.


Our Core Philosophy

Your investment portfolio is constructed based on the following principles of our investment philosophy.

We believe …


Curiosity about your interests, the economy, technology, societal change, and our world provides a distinct advantage to identify opportunities to help you grow and sustain your wealth. This is why we don’t adhere to template investment strategies preferring to stay nimble and stay curious through a principles based investment discipline.

You deserve for your assets to be managed with Transparency. We will provide you with on-line account access plus regular reports of your portfolio performance compared with appropriate benchmarks.

Returns can be enhanced by Minimizing Fees associated with the investment options used in your portfolio.

Real Estate is a core asset and we will seek to include broad exposure using both publicly available real estate investments and more importantly, direct investment in real estate assets.

Portfolio Rebalancing provides an opportunity to enhance returns and mitigate risk and is best done according to price movements as opposed to the more common time based rebalancing.

Being Tax Aware is critical to building and protecting wealth. We actively seek to minimize tax exposure in our construction of portfolios and in our portfolio transactions based on your tax situation today and your anticipated future tax situation.

We seek Uncommon Opportunities to grow and sustain wealth across a broad spectrum of investments. We consider these opportunities complimentary to a core investment portfolio based on evidence-based principles of investing.


Types of Investments

Our investment approach includes actively evaluating the following types of investments for your portfolio.


Public Markets

Our approach to public market investing is based on the belief that public markets tend to be efficient. As such, we generally seek to create broadly diversified exposure across global markets, industries, and company size while adjusting the portfolio towards factors that have shown the potential to enhance returns while keeping costs low.

Private Markets

Investing in private markets significantly expands the range of opportunities available and offers you the opportunity to better tailor risk exposure and potentially enhance risk adjusted returns. Just like all of our services, any private market investments that we recommend are fee-only and are part of our fiduciary responsibility to you.

Real Estate

We are real estate investors ourselves and believe real estate is a core investment asset. Most investment advisors consider real estate an “alternative” asset and use publicly traded REITs as their only real estate allocation. Real estate is not an “alternative” asset and publicly traded REITs, while a reasonable choice in many situations, are insufficient for investors interested in the broader real estate market. We actively consider many sectors of the real estate market including residential, commercial, and industrial. We also consider both equity and debt investing.


This category may be best representative of our approach to modern portfolio management because it represents a wide and ever changing opportunity set. These opportunities could include, lending, venture capital, commodities, art, structured investments, hedge funds and others. We will evaluate many potential investments in this area and the result will be very few investments that we discuss with you and even fewer that are deemed appropriate for investment. Said another way, we believe there is a high potential for attractive investments in this category but most are not worthy of a place in your portfolio. This will not stop us from a constant focus on seeking attractive opportunities.

Impact Investing

We understand many of our clients wish to tailor their portfolio to do well while doing good. Our impact investment offering is a highly tailored investment approach to meet your specific interests. It may include ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations and it may also include highly specific interests unique to you. We have many tools and techniques available to help you implement a tailored strategy for a portion of your portfolio or your entire portfolio.