Financial Planning

We will use our experience in working with clients like you to help you achieve the financial lifestyle you deserve.

We believe effective financial planning is an ongoing process, not a product and is equal parts art and science. You will be engaged in your planning and not just the recipient of information. You will also have an experience that translates advice into action, as without action the advice is meaningless.


Your financial planning experience at F2 Wealth is based on;

  • Actionable advice based on the integration of tax, estate, insurance, and life planning aspects of your plan
  • Tools available to you to experience firsthand and on your schedule how assumptions and today’s choices influence your future
  • An ongoing experience that considers your changing life plus the economic and regulatory environment
  • Access to an interactive dashboard that shows actions that need to be taken to improve your financial life including who is responsible and a timeframe for completion.


    Your financial planning experience will address areas relevant to your unique situation and may include.

    • Equity Compensation / Employee Stock Option planning
    • Education Planning
    • College Planning
    • Employee Benefits Review
    • Accumulation Planning
    • Social Security Optimization
    • Income Distribution Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Life Event Planning


      Plus the integration of the services described in Financial Independence, Tax Planning and Preparation, Insurance Planning, and Estate Planning.