What’s in a Name?

You may have guessed from our brand logo that F2 represents our core belief that you deserve an advisor that is a fiduciary and operates to minimize conflicts of interest through a fee-only model. Your guess is correct and F2 represents much more than the benefits of being a fiduciary and fee-only advisor. F2 also represents financial freedom, the belief that you should be able to lead a life free from worry about your finances. F2 also represents future focus. To help you enjoy today and have the future you want, we anticipate risks and opportunities to help you prepare to live your best life today and tomorrow. Future focus is primarily about your life but it also represents our focus as an advisory firm in utilizing the most current planning techniques, investment approaches, and technology to serve you and make your experience with us rewarding.


Core Beliefs

While we believe there are many approaches to creating an outstanding client experience, we firmly believe that the highest level of personal financial advice shares the following fundamental traits, the firm is a Registered Investment Advisor (i.e. not also registered as a broker-dealer) and a Fiduciary, your relationship is with a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, and the compensation model is that of Fee-Only.

To be the best, these traits are necessary but not sufficient. Beyond these fundamental traits, some might say requirements, there is much that differentiates one advisory firm from the next. F2 Wealth is purpose built to serve the needs of individual investors through an integrated service model that includes investment management, tax planning, estate planning, insurance planning, and financial planning. We offer an uncommon investment philosophy that includes both public and private investments combined with a willingness to explore opportunities outside of the mainstream. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in the development of our own knowledge and capabilities and in your experience with us. We engage on your terms by offering the latest technology and methods of communication to enhance transparency, your knowledge, communication, and turning advice into action. We believe in being partners in actionable advice. Advice is only of value when it is acted upon.  We have created a digital dashboard that clearly shows what needs to happen, when it needs to happen, and who is responsible. This tool is just one method available to you to make sure you benefit from our advice.


Why Location Independent Matters

F2 Wealth has been purpose built to be location independent. Being location independent is more about you than it is about us. You may be wondering, is location independent a fancy term for being virtual. While location independent and virtual share traits they are not the same. Virtual service is typically used to mean the advisor will meet the client by video. This is an important method of communication that many clients prefer due to its convenience. However, it is not sufficient.

Being location independent means you have access to your investment information and your planning information on-demand. It also means having access to a digital action plan that clearly shows who is doing what and when. This action plan is critical because advice only has value when it is implemented.

Being location independent means having the ability to deliver services that have requirements specific to your location such as estate planning, tax planning, and tax preparation. Our tax planning, tax preparation, and estate planning services, which all have state specific considerations, can be delivered based on your state of residency.  We can serve you uninterrupted based on where you live today and where you may live in the future. We can also handle situations where you may have investments or tax and estate obligations in multiple states. The bottom line is we have the capability to serve your needs today and tomorrow wherever you are located.