We’ve been serving clients for long enough to know you will have your own unique story and unique needs. You will benefit from our experience in working with many clients like you combined with an experience tailored to your unique situation and interests. The best way to learn if we are a fit to work together is to connect with us.

Clients for whom we are uniquely capable of serving include

Seeking Financial Independence

Have you attained or are you striving to attain financial independence? Financial independence is as much about a mindset as it is about net worth. Financial independence can be experienced at many stages of life and can change as you move through life. We can help you create an accumulation plan to build wealth and a tax smart distribution and estate plan to help you sustain wealth. You will likely find our expertise in retirement income planning, social security planning, and tax smart savings and withdrawals to be beneficial.

Second Act Entrepreneur

As a second act entrepreneur you likely have the dual challenge of sustaining the wealth you have built from a previous career with investing in a new venture. The motivations for pursuing a new venture will be unique to you and will help inform how your wealth management needs are prioritized. Some of the more common needs for which we are prepared to help include; liability protection, tax optimization, establishing a small business retirement plan, managing cash flow, balancing lifestyle needs with business needs, navigating complex rules for using retirement assets for business funding, accessing capital, and more.

As a business coach to founders, a member of the startup community and a founder himself, Eric Ross, CFP® is uniquely qualified to guide you through the intersection of your business, your lifestyle, and your finances.

Optimizing Equity Compensation

Would you like to feel confident that you are optimizing your equity compensation benefits? We can help you navigate the complex arrangements involving stock options, restricted stock, and other forms of equity compensation. Our advice will include evidence-based methods for determining fair market value, evaluating tax risks and opportunities, and considering estate implications all in the context of your overall financial plan and investment portfolio.

Building a Real Estate Portfolio

How many advisors talk about real estate but don’t have actual experience as a real estate investor?  How many advisors only use publicly traded REITs as the only real estate exposure they provide clients while missing the potential benefits of investing directly in real estate?

We consider real estate a core asset class and seek exposure to the potential benefits of investing in real estate through multiple channels. We also have a keen understanding of how to help investors who have their own real estate portfolios be tax smart and incorporate these holdings into a broader investment plan focused on meeting their needs. Whether you currently have a significant real estate portfolio or are seeking to increase your exposure to this important asset class, we can help.